Cart Repairs

Cart Repairs

Magnetite FM has a customized Cart Repairs maintenance program for your facilities. Service work can be performed either onsite and/or offsite. Maintenance and repairs for your existing storage carts is critical to keeping your staff safe and productive. We can work with your existing manufacturers to access their parts list or manufacture supplemental parts if there are shortages due to supply chain issues.

Magnetite FM, a premier shopping cart repair company, has established itself as a trusted name in the retail maintenance industry.

Cart Repairs
Commericial Cart Repairs

Delivery and Pick up

Delivery and pick up are included in our service with a quick turn around time to ensure your production is not delayed. Magnetite also implements customized software that tracks the inventory you have onsite; what is going offsite and the maintenance history of every item we repair.

With a dedicated focus on providing comprehensive solutions for shopping cart wear and tear, Magnetite FM has earned a reputation for its exceptional service and attention to detail. The company employs a team of skilled technicians equipped with cutting-edge tools and expertise to address a wide range of issues, from wheel alignment to handlebar repairs. Magnetite FM's commitment to sustainability is evident in its environmentally conscious approach to repairs, utilizing eco-friendly materials and innovative techniques to extend the lifespan of shopping carts and reduce the environmental impact of discarded units.

Data Software

We also give you data to understand how much you have invested in your maintained inventory so you can make educated decisions about the product you are buying now or in the future. Our software also tracks time onsite so that we are accountable to all of our work.  In addition, all of our techs are safety certified, limiting your liability at all times. Contact Us.

The company's customer-centric philosophy ensures that clients receive prompt and reliable service tailored to their specific needs. Whether serving small local businesses or large retail chains, Magnetite FM emphasizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness, minimizing downtime for clients and maximizing the longevity of their shopping carts. Through a combination of technical proficiency and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Magnetite FM has positioned itself as a go-to solution for any retailer seeking top-notch shopping cart repair services, contributing to a more sustainable and functional retail environment.

Factory Cart Repair Services


  • Magnetite technicians are dispatched for virtually any handyman task.
  • Dedicated project manager to coordinate your requests
  • Access to our existing network of pre-qualified proven quality vendors
  • Incorporate your existing trusted vendors under our management
  • Fully customizable services to meet your specific demands and unique procedures
  • Complete Interior & Exterior Lighting Services.
  • Minor Electrical & Plumbing.
  • Ceiling Tile Replacement.
  • Window Glazing services
  • Protective barrier and COVID-19 expertise
  • Touch-Up Painting & Graffiti Removal.
  • Banner Hanging & Periodical Replacement.
  • Mole remediation and sanitization
  • Service Visit Details and Recommended Work Reports
  • Unique and Special Tasks or Procedures
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